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What can we do

Lotion & Cream

​Cosmetic creams and lotions are used for a variety of purposes such as cleansing and moisturizing. The ingredients of these will be different according to the desired use

Private Labeling

Provide a custom packaged biochemical with the same technical specification as our catalog materials, but in a size, packaging & private labeled specific to your organization


The must-haves you need to round out your look, including lash curlers, tweezers and sharpeners

Complete Body Wellness

Top-to-Toe Pampering

When numbers talk

We are not alone but we are definitely one of the best


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Our Way of success

How we make you feel and look good

The marketing brief

The product and packaging requirements such as the product category, desired function, color, odor, texture, size, etc.

Product formulation

Several prototypes are created for comparison. Concentration, allergens, chemical reactions or costs are evaluated to match the requirements and ensure product safety.


The teams need to select raw materials and packaging suppliers. As soon as raw materials are approved, the formula is finalized and the prototype is created.

Quality and compliance

If the prototype passes the final tests the production can start. The product will be then be commercialized while teams will already be working on the next one.

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